Photographic Evidence as Return Gift

Return gifts are gradually becoming a common. Many families and hosts of parties are finding it prudent and polite to offer various kinds of gifts to their guests at the end of parties. This means that we select a well thought out return gift and give it to your guests.

One way of rewarding your guests is to create framed photos for them. You may have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. This means that pictures carry a lot of messages and can tell an entire story. If you want your guests to remember and narrate the events of your party, many years after it has taken place, capture the moments in photographs, and let each guest carry a copy home. This inexpensive strategy has worked for most hosts, without offending sensitive guests, who, otherwise would have felt slighted.


To accomplish this, you need a Polaroid camera and relevant accessories. If you are not aware what this is, it is a camera that takes instant photographs. As the guests make their entry into the venue, the person being honored during this event will stand at the entrance and take a photo with every guest, couples or families. Remember to decorate the entrance to reflect the theme of the party, and to create an appropriate background for the party. Since another person will be taking the photos for you, you will join your guests and entertain them as expected. By the time they are leaving, their photos will be ready and they will collect them. Such photos will some as souvenirs and reminders of the party.

Small Beach Set

To improve on this idea, you can frame the photos. Small and medium size photo frames are relatively inexpensive. We expect you to know exactly how many guests will be coming, including making a provision for a few gatecrashers, before you purchase the frames. Moreover, you can make use of modern photo printing technology, which allows you to print photos from your home, with very efficient but affordable technology. It is important to invest in a photo printing machine, which you can use even after the party.


Apart from this, at, we have a range of return gifts which would suit all occasions. From kid’s birthday party return gifts to adult parties, we have the entire range of gifts. So check out our return gift section -

You can call us on 1800 200 0636 and tell us your occasion and we can suggest you the ideal gift for your party – no matter what the occasion.

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