Neon Party Ideas, Neon Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Neon Themed Party Ideas:

Neon parties are in vogue especially among the youth. These events present the youth with an opportunity to deviate from the norm and experiment with something different. Neon party ideas are similar to what happens in a dance hall or discotheque. Party revelers are in a dark room, which is only illuminated by revolving lights of different colors. Such parties create the impression of revelers wanting to remain in the dark, anonymous to others, although that is not the reality. Well, even with the darkness and mystery that appears to surround such parties, they can be improved to give party-goers a most exhilarating experience.


Partymanao has organized plenty of Neon Theme parties. On our website –, you can get all the neon party theme accessories and supplies to make your party a hit. Normally, the fun is derived from the reflections that the clothes make once light shines on them. This creates a ghostly atmosphere that excites the young revelers. Dress in plain white or black clothes for the best reflections. As beams of light sweep across the venue, they will produce a fine tapestry of glowing silhouettes and patches of light. Isn’t this the fun you are looking for?

Choose your lights well. Since the idea is to produce some colorful glows, select lights that will accentuate the glow. Black lights have been known to produce the best glows, when they hit white surfaces. You can also experiment with other lights before you hold the party since this will give you an idea as to the best effect. Before the party, ensure the lights are working and that they are fixed at points where they will have maximum effect. Check also to ascertain power connections. Have an emergency power source, just in case power goes off during the party.  Do not leave anything to chance, including the security of the venue since this will be a night-time event.


Lastly, there can be no techno party theme without music. Go into tour music store or archive. Choose the finest and most effective on the crowd you are hosting. Have contemporary as well as classical music to entertain your guest. Make sure the music system is working. A faulty speaker can spoil the entire evening. You will anger your guests if they realize that you never took time to prepare for them. Check the entire music system by testing it prior to the party. If you need to replace it, do so urgently. Young people are impatient and will not put up with ineptitude.

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