Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Party Ideas


Kids love the Mickey Mouse parties, The classic Disney theme has been around for years and it never is out of date. Walt Disney created this classic character in 1928 and it is one of the most popular animated characters around the world. It has been extensively been featured in a comic strip character starting from the 1930’s.

So don’t be surprised when the love of the mouse prompts your kids to want to have a Mickey Mouse themed party. From invitations to decorations to kid-friendly foods and games, there’s no shortage of ways you can bring Mickey Mouse to life during a party!

Red, white and black are traditionally the colors used when putting together a Mickey Mouse party, and you can use these colors as the basis for your decorations.  Of course, Mickey has gone on many adventures, so you can also tie in more than one interest when decorating for the party.

Partymanao.com provides you the perfect recipe to conduct the best Mickey Mouse party. Partymanao.com recommends Mickey Mouse cake, cake pops, cookies, and other sweets to the darling dessert table suspenders, this party has it all and is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who adores Mickey Mouse!


To add more fun to the Mickey Mouse party ideas and elements from first birthday celebration are:

  • The adorable Mickey Mouse and friends cake.
  • The cute Mickey Mouse table suspenders made from black runners and white felt circles.
  • The cute Mickey Mouse silhouette, 1, and star sugar cookies.
  • The cute and personalized white Mickey Mouse drink labels.
  • The darling black and white striped dessert table backdrop.
  • The cute Mickey Mouse silhouette place settings.
  • The cute Mickey Mouse and tooth cake pops.


Check out here, some of our photos for conducting a great Mickey Mouse party - https://picasaweb.google.com/117501224984128670055/MickeyMouse3D

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