Ice Cream Birthday Party


Ice Cream Shoppe Birthday Party
Looking for a really adorable party idea + theme? This Ice cream Shoppe
Birthday Party submitted by Partymanao of Sweet Candy Shower out of Paris-
France is sweet and stylish! And with its darling pink, white and blue color
palette and delectable ice cream-inspired sweets, it will have you ready for
your next ice cream social in no time!

Ice-Cream2 Ice-Cream1

Some of my favorite ideas + elements from this sweet occasion include:

Ice-Cream3 Ice-Cream4 Ice-Cream5 Ice-Cream6

ice cream shoppe-inspired cake
Ice cream cone cake pops
Ice cream cone Rice Krispie Treats
Pink + white striped dessert table backdrop
Mini ice cream cart filled with candy shaped sugar cookies
Milkshakes with striped colored straws And more!

Ice-Cream7 Ice-Cream8 Ice-Cream9 Ice-Cream10 Ice-Cream11 Ice-Cream12 Ice-Cream13

This is what Partymanao shared about styling the party – “We made this table
for a sweet table famous exposure “le salon sugar Paris 2016”. Which is an
exposure on pastries, cake design and sweet tables. I had to use 3 colors–
pink ,white, and turquoise. I like vintage and ice cream so it’s naturally
that this theme came into my mind.

Ice-Cream19 Ice-Cream18 Ice-Cream17 Ice-Cream16 Ice-Cream15 Ice-Cream14 Ice-Cream13 Ice-Cream12

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